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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stowe VT - guess what I stumbled upon?

On vacation in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, my family and I took a drive up to Stowe Mountain Resort to poke around after a recent snowfall. I knew HGTV's fabled 'Dream Home' for 2011 was being built in the area and nearing completion. Well guess what. It's amazing!

I had a rough idea where it was being built so we went down the dirt road clearly marked 'No Trespassing' hoping to catch a glimpse of the site. Even better, I bumped into Brendan O'Reilly (Owner of Gristmill Builders LTD), the local construction company tasked to build the home. "They asked us to complete the home in 5 months; that was a challenge", said O'Reilly. "Out of all the homes I have built, I'd say it is probably the most amazing" he also went on to discuss.

Let's put it simply - the home is amazing (especially for someone like myself). From the copper chimney detail to the poplar bark siding accents, the home is a perfect example of 'rustic modern design' and blends into nature seamlessly.

It's easy to see that Gristmill Builders do fantastic work, don't just take my word for it. While Brendan and I were chatting, HGTV was finishing up the filming inside for their show.

Needless to say, I'll be entering the contest!

For more info: click here

*Click photos to enlarge and for better detail

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